If you find out that you have accumulated many logo lanyards but you don’t want to throw them away for any reason, then you need to find ways to reuse them.

Here are some of the things you can do with them:

1. Display them.

lanyardsThese neck cords can be used as decorations in one part of your bedroom. They represent your professional life. Most cords or lanyards have a story to tell, especially the first few logo lanyards that your company issued to employees. The next old, used cord lanyard replaced the first one and so on. Each one of them has been part of your work life. There are lanyards that you got during the conventions or conferences you attended. Some are from the social or fundraising events that you attended and have given you good memories. There are few neck lanyards you bought because they matched your outfit during activities in the past.

Sentimental reasons make them special so the best thing to do is to frame them or creatively display them in the section of your room together with your souvenir knick-knacks.

2. Transform them.

If you are really into recycling, reusing and recreating of old, used things then grab your scissors and make them into do-it-yourself projects. Logo lanyards are usually colorful so they can be transformed into cool things such as wristlets, bookmarks, headbands, or straps of Boho bags or hand purses. You can have unique and fashionable accessories. You can add some glitters or little decorations to make them more adorable. And if you cannot use them all, you can sell your recycled stuff to your friends and neighbors. Maybe, it will make you think of going into business with this hobby.

3. Sell them.

You can organize a garage sale to sell these logo lanyards together with other things that you want to get rid of because they are cluttering your space or you want to replace them in the near future. You can also bundle them with things that need to be hung such as whistles, small telescopes, and the like. If you have collectible lanyards from shows of popular singers or bands, then you can make an online store and sell them. Rare and exclusive neck cords or lanyards are very much in demand so display them in your online store and earn from them.

4. Share them.

You can give them to your friends and acquaintances. Maybe you know people who collect these kinds of things. There are collectors of school lanyards, office lanyards, fun events lanyards, and other kind of cords. So, help them complete their collections. Surprise them by showing off your “collection” before giving it away. Well, such a gesture will give you the satisfaction that your lanyards will be kept and treasured.

5. Donate them.

Find associations or non-profit organizations that are accepting donations of used things including neck lanyards. These groups usually recycle these materials to help poor school children who cannot afford to buy new neck cords to hang their ID’s with or bags to put their things in. They also sell what people donate to raise funds to assist the education needs of these children.

6. Reuse them.

Of course, you can always use them again. Use them for your different set of keys, tools in the garage, small utensils in your kitchen, or your collections. You can color-coordinate them for a creative look. You can use them during your camping or outdoor trips. If you have small children who love to stray away from you during trips or activities, hanging name badges for identification or whistles for emergency purposes will surely be beneficial.

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Customizing Trading Pins for Events Other than Baseball

baseball pinsMany shops offering customization services for trading pins feature sample galleries filled with baseball-themed pins. It sometimes lead to thinking that these pins can only be used for that purpose. The truth is they really look good being traded as baseball pins, but these can also become marvelous event pins for any other occasion.

Custom trading pins are now one among the most popular merchandise for games and sports tournaments. With the new features like spinners and sliders being added to make more possibility in the pin designs, these trading pins are now almost as cherished and collected as the classic baseball trading cards.

There are many shops where clients can have their custom-designed pins made. They have in-house designers that can help if the clients are having difficulties choosing pin additions. Because of this, many new uses for the customized pins are available. Here are some of them:

•Trading Pins for other Sports

Any other sport and ball games can have their own trading pins designed for them. As long as the teams have cool names and awesome logos, you can have them made into lasting pins you can trade with one another, whether you’re a team member or a fan.

•Tournament Mementos

Since not all the pins are all about the teams, you can also have custom trading pins made for the tournaments themselves. You and the participating teams can then have a special case for collecting the pins from the tourneys they have joined in.

•Event Favors

Having a conference or a huge event for your company, school or such? Forget huge button pins and dangly key chains as your event favors. Have an elegant and cool trading pin made to be given away to your guests, and they will certainly never forget you for the next year.

•Team/Group ID item

You don’t have to rely on awkward name plates or desperate-team-spirit-attempts of personalized armbands to unify your team. Have some custom trading pins made for your people and see them jazz through their tasks proudly displaying your team icon.

•Gift Item

It can also be a perfect gift item. Say, for a welcoming party, or a farewell party or just those moments when you wanted to give everyone a little something (Valentines or Christmas, anyone?). Have a cute, memorable pin made for the occasion and shower them your love.

•Fandom Item

Unify all your comrades in the same fandom by having your very own fandom pins made especially for your group. Show everyone who and what you support by wearing the pins as the sign of your (affection) choice. It doesn’t matter how opinionated it is, wear it and wear it proud!

•Fashion Item

If you want to have some custom pins made, but you want them all for yourself, have fashion pins made. Many shops don’t really care if you had one or a hundred pins made. So let your creative juices flow and design a pin for each day of the weak and wear them to add pizazz to your daily fashion, whatever that meant.

The uses for these pins will only be limited by the ideas that the clients will have for them. You can even have custom trading pins made purely for yourself (and your fans) like putting your name or a cartoon of your face right there on the pin. So whatever your idea is, put it down into one of those ready-made pin-design templates and have them quoted ASAP. The resulting product may look so awesome you can start designing the pins for other purposes as well.

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