Military Coin Searching Where and How to Get a Military Coin

There may be a point in your life when you have seen custom military coins. However, you may not be aware of what these look like as well as what these are for. You may know someone who became a part of the military (a family member or a friend) and kept a military coin for a long time. These military coins are significant to all coin bearers and they also carry a very important memory along with it.

The military has been using these military coins for a very long time already. These coins represent that the holder of the coin is a member of the brotherhood of the military unit. These coins also indicate which military unit a person is from.

Also known as challenge coins or memorial coins, custom military coins bear the unit symbol where the soldier and coin bearer is from. These coins are also collected and traded by different individuals who are not members of the military. A lot of coin collectors and enthusiasts spend time collecting these kinds of coins which usually have high price value in the market.

There many different kinds of stories surrounding the origin of these coins.

military coinsUp to now, the origins of these coins are still unknown but a lot of stories and myths pointing out that these started during the First World War. One of the most highly documented and highly popular stories is about an American Pilot who was then captured by the Germans during the World War. Because of the bomb plotted by the British forces in the prison where he was held captive, the pilot had a chance to escape. However, during his escape, he was captured by the French, believing that he is one of the Germans. Having no proof to establish his identity, the pilot was sentenced to death. Before the French take his life, he pleaded to one of the commanding officers, who, in return ordered his execution to be postponed. The main reason for the postponement was because the officer, who was familiar with the military unit where the pilot came from, saw his medallion with his unit insignia. Further investigation led to the release of the pilot, after proving that he is one of the allies. The pilot’s life will not be saved without his custom military coin.

These custom military coins are not only to recognize a person if a person is a part of the military, it is also used to know which unit of the military a person is a part of. These coins are actively collected and traded by people from different parts of the military and retirees as well as employees from different entities of the government.

The rarest and thus the most highly anticipated and most popular of all custom military coins is the Presidential coin. One of the ways to get this coin is to shake hands with the President of the United States. This coin is also given out by the United States President personally if a foreign visitor is visiting him, out of his invitation.

Military coins are not only given in the military. These coins also serve as a part of an introductory ceremony or as a welcome gift to someone who represent a group or an entity in a special ceremony. Customized challenge coins were also given as an award in different companies, with the main goal to boost the morale and pride of the individual receiving it. These coins were also given out during graduation ceremonies at different schools to show gratitude and appreciation for their contribution in their alma mater.

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