Uncovering the Myths of Hiring a SEO Company

Many companies are finally realizing that hiring an SEO company may be the answer, especially when a strong online presence is needed. Few, however, are holding back. Preferring the old and traditional ways are typical reactions because of unfounded fears surrounding SEO. These fears are understandable, especially for company owners who are unfamiliar with web development and its technicalities. While Google’s algorithm may appear complex, which is truly the case, it doesn’t follow that the strategies that need to be used should be as complicated in order to work.

Why we need SEO Company

Closer inspection reveals that Google’s search algorithm is based on simple rules and guidelines; and simple strategies are more than enough to achieve noteworthy outcomes. Thus, users are afforded the best online experience by getting relevant, appropriate and priceless results.

When deciding whom to hire, business owners must also do their homework and find out an SEO agency’s background and reputation in the industry. While some agencies promise more than they can deliver, there are still a lot of decent SEO agencies that do their job well.

Common Misconceptions

There are a lot of misconceptions about SEO firms that prevent business owners from working with them. If you are thinking along these lines, it may be necessary to question these false impressions and start unravelling the myths. Here are some typical fallacies:

It is expensive to hire an SEO specialist.

A search optimization company does a myriad of complex tasks that includes background research on the industry where the company belongs to, its sales and market trends. They also do competitive studies, optimize a site, find relevant keywords that can bring more traffic and build links. After which, results are monitored and analyzed.

These tasks cannot be done by just any marketing personnel. It takes years of experience and know-how to become an excellent SEO consultant. Paying for a professional to execute these functions is more cost effective and can even be compared to the increasing rates of Adwords.  Long after the project is done, your company is will still be reaping the benefits brought about by SEO.

A search optimization firm with an excellent website means they are great to work with.

Yes and no. Remember about judging a book’s cover? Sometimes, a nice-looking site does not guarantee that these SEO firms will be great to work with. If you are looking for SEO consultancy firms that will also handle the design of your site, then, their website will be a good factor to consider. Otherwise, look beyond the aesthetics and consider end-results and reputation. It’s also prudent to ask referrals from families or friends.

SEO is over-hyped and does not work as expected.

Did you know that in 2014 and in the US alone, there were 210 million search engine users? This number is expected to rise to more than 220 million in 2019. It also shows that more than 40 percent of customers start buying things online using search engines like Google or Yahoo. This staggering data only shows the popularity of search engines and it’s not surprising why SEO is important. It’s amazing that in the USA, searching ranks 4th when it comes to internet activity, the top 3 being engagement in social media, doing email, and watching videos.


Research has shown that more than 55 percent of B2B marketers believe that SEO has a huge impact on lead generation. This report has further shown that leads that came from searches are 8x more likely to affect their patrons compared to outbound leads. Users are also inclined to scorn paid ad listings and tend to click on results that are organic.

If traditional methods of doing business still work, there’s no need to use SEO.

Not promoting your company online is a huge mistake. It means your company is wasting an opportunity to improve sales, grow, and have a greater amount of consumer engagement. This is giving way for your competitor to eat a big chunk of your market share.

The traditional means of doing business is not enough and must be complemented by a strong online presence. Having a global audience within reach is an opportunity that should not be wasted at all. With more than 93 percent of users beginning their online activities using a search engine, not being on top of the searches is a costly mistake that can be avoided by hiring reliable SEO consultants.

An SEO agency with hundreds of employees and is raking in millions is a good firm to work with.

Again, look beyond face value and do a background check. It’s possible that the agency might be successful in something, but chances are, it might not be because of their SEO services. Most agencies have grown bigger because they might be adept at forming partnerships and ventures.

Remember that bigger does not always mean better. A guy doing SEO services and working in his home office might just be the one you are looking for. It might also be that big agency with hundreds of personnel. Do your research, ask around and then decide which kind of SEO consultancy is fitted for your company.

Having a strong online presence and high user engagement is necessary for online business; and hiring a good SEO company can make this possible.

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